UK Cannabis legality check

Is it legal for me to invest in the canadian cannabis company aurora through trading 212 if i am in the UK? For once google is being very unhelpful :joy: one source says it’s fine and the next says it’s classed as money laundering.


Yes, it is. Why wouldn’t it?

Did someone actually write this? :joy:

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I hold a position in Aphria (APHA) and am planning to invest in Rize Medical Cannabis and Life Science (FLWR) ETF when the price is right.

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Yeah the news said it was money laundering but then a cannabis law expert said it’s fine so i’m like wtf :joy::joy:

I think money laundering is about trying to legitimatize money generated from criminal activity, they key is the source of the money and not the stock purchased.

After a while of research before getting in any kind of silly legal bother. Apparently if the activity isn’t legal in the UK then under the proceeds of crime act, even if its legal in canada, it’s still not legal to invest in those companies if you are a UK investor. Unless they are specifically a medical cannabis company. The moment that company has anything to do with recreational cannabis (buying it out of a shop like buying a bottle of wine) then it’s deemed as benefiting from a criminal act under the UK laws. If we lived anywhere else in the EU then its legal to invest in recreational cannabis well… unless your country is on a high horse like the UK. I think france looks good this time of year :joy::joy::joy:.

Pardon me as am not a legal expert and neither do i invest much abroad

So would the UK government absolutely not collect any form of taxation directly or indirectly from proceeds from foreign investments as it relates to non-medical cannabis companies whereby the host country has deemed the company activities legal ?

I would assume you would have to pay tax for capital gains but i think thats when you would be caught out the moment you pay tax, i don’t understand why they would be so weird about it because technically if someone was to invest in one of those companies then that person would be lining the governments pockets. It’s the first time i’ve ever heard of the UK government not wanting any extra income. “Give us a portion of your income… thank you… oh thats illegal btw so we’ll take the rest as a fine and off you go to prison” :joy::joy:

It’s also illegal to be drunk in the pub (1872 licensing act) but does anyone care? If they come shouting worry then but, until then, load up on the shares the industry is booming!!

Yep from my understanding this is how it works.

Not legal advice :arrow_forward: I hold some CBDX on the grounds that it’s ISA eligible so it will ‘probably’ be fine. Basically if it is illegal in the UK and you’re a UK resident its a crime, no matter where the investment is. It’s a sort of understandable law but it gets weird when it comes to things like Bitcoin and publicly traded companies.

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@ PorterOldSlugThat’s a fair point and exactly my point

Also considering the fact that i joined T212 which is FCA approved as UK resident investor, i would think there would share a responsibility of ensuring UK resident are only allowed to trade stocks that are deemed legal in the UK. Any and all investment I’ve made on their platform is on the basis there were approved by FCA :rofl: :rofl:

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Beeing not able by law to invest into cannabis online, that is the true crime.

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Im a UK resident and I’ve got aurora shares…I don’t care if it’s legal or not …cannabis is now officially legalized in Canada. Aurora also have a contract with America in order to sell there products, that company is a hit and miss with me…some days it goes up and then some days its plundering to far down for my liking…then again they did sell one off there main facilities and cut back on staff…

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There was a prostitute back in the 90s who was done for tax evasion. She made the case that if taxed the governmet was breaking the law about immoral earnings and acting as a pimp.

Iirc they fiddled with laws and taxed her