UK in another lockdown

Well I agree that there is more to the story. But when I see company that failed to deliver growth in 2 decades. Their EPS in 2001 was 2.05$, for 2020 it is 3.01. So 50% growth in 20 years, that is 2.5% YoY growth.

There is a lot better pharma plays at good price. MRK/BMY/ABBV/AMGN…

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Yes I agree, hence why just watching, I dont think there are many UK stocks that look good now, of course US pharma looking a lot stronger bet. I think over next 2-3 years my biggest potential UK holding is Taylor Wimpey, but already 3% of portfolio , however if it went sub £1 then i would be tempted.

I personally don’t own many UK stocks but Hikma Pharmaceuticals did make my list because it had gotten a bit of growth and maybe will continue to do so. Personally find Ocado and Tritax Big Box reasonable UK stocks which both could gain a bit from lockdowns as well (although I think the longer-term trends with those companies are more important).

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I suspect that the market in general has the lockdown priced in, however there are still stocks with room to move yet.

In terms of single stocks, I think I’ll look to top up Ocado if it drops much further as 2200 is a reasonable entry point. Similarly for JDW if it drops sub 800. Despite what people think of Tim, he runs a good ship, and 2020 is the first year they have not turned a profit since 1984.

Other than that, I have to say that I would be tempted if royal dutch drops below 900 again, looking for value where others don’t, or else a general cheap global index fund.

Nothing looks worse than AT&T, even IBM sounds like a startup when comparing with them. :money_with_wings:

Good dividend payer tho. Plus although a gamble if they come off with covid vaccine or anyone for that matter you know the price will explode.

Why are you both so “bearish” on AT&T?
I have not invested in it, but when I had a quick look at it, it seemed like a solid company with a secure market and the option of growing with HBO.

I am not bearish, just commenting their dreadful past growth. :slight_smile: however don’t own the stock. Yet. :slight_smile:

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Are you waiting for your target price to be reached? :slight_smile:

I’m not that familiar with AT&T mainly because I’m in the UK, but not long ago I was watching a YouTube clip plus reading a comment where someone was plugging AT&T saying it was a good buy and they had invested in it and how well they had done doing so.

My point is a lot of newbies seeing that would think, jump in a buy, I know you are supposed to do your own research but a lot do fall for some of these videos and the hype they pump out.

A video of a possible “valuation” of AT&T in case anyone is interested:

Valuations are very subjective though.

Thursday the 5th of November until Wednesday the 2nd of December. So only a little under one month.

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Yes, it is 4 weeks.
Nonetheless, it may be extended…
Let’s see what happens. It might be a good buy opportunity.

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So far the HBO numbers do not show much comparing to Netflix and Disney.

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Thinking of buying more BBOX, LGEN and QQ tomorrow if it drops more.

I want to increase my position in all 3 where I can given my Light and Gym subs maybe suspended for the month.


Bloomberg suggests that if Biden wins, it depends on whether Democrats win the senate also.

I wish I could on LGEN aswell but they already take up around 10% of my portfolio. Great dividend.


Surely LGENs dividend wont be sustainable though? I often find dividends of 7/8%+ to be questionable long term unless they can pick things up significantly.

I’m in the UK, I posted earlier I get my monthly grocery shopping online, I made an order early hours this morning 02/11/20 and the earliest they could deliver is Tuesday 10th all other times fully booked.
I posted this as an example of how the lockdown has affected the online grocery shopping, this was from a well known supermarket too by the way.

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Presume they’ll reinstate their priority slots for the elderly and infirm like they did first tiem round. Bloody week delay already is no doubt down to the idiots who would clear Tescos bog roll aisle asap.