UK in another lockdown

I asked for an earlier slot if possible as I’m 72 living alone but the answer I got was, “sometimes earlier slots coma available keep checking the website.”
It isn’t Tesco by the way, I never shop there lol.

It’s gone up and down for years. But on average as you can see it’s very positive.

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Well that ship sailed today :joy:

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Ha ha, would love to say I called it but that was ridiculous!

If it retraces… :crossed_fingers:

I would agree for the most part, but I looked into them myself and see that they can cover their Dividend via their Earnings as well as being one of the larger Insurance Companies that I can take a risk with this one. :slight_smile:

I’ll keep an eye on Ocado and Uber (less people will use public transport if they really need to leave their house).

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Welcome @lsteira12 - have you seen this? Ocado did me dirty today. haha

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ARRRRGHHHH I wish I jumped on the Ocado train when it was at 21£… I need to wait for another drop now I guess :confused:

Pretty sure all online supermarkets are going to sustain further losses for a while yet :thinking:

Ocado’s logistics set it apart though