Unable to set a 'buy limit' or 'sell limit' little bit away from the current prevailing market price

Many times when I am trying to set a ‘buy limit’ or ‘sell limit’, it says the entered price is too far from the current market price. Can this restriction be removed so that we can set these limits appropriately?
This is a huge limitation and inconvenience and I have seen other users also having raised it already in the community section. Is there any update in this regard?
Can someone from the trading212 technical team provide an update?


Disclaimer: I am not part of the team, Just a member of the community.

This has been requested before and I believe is being looked at, though that may just have been for the CFD account.

What’s important for everyone to remember however, from what I was aware, is that T212 can only have so many pending orders on their account. If there were absolutely no limitation when placing a pending order then all of T212’s ‘quota/allowance’ could get allocated by people just banking on long shorts like the share price changing by 90% et cetera which would prevent people with genuinely achievable prices from being able to set anything besides market orders.

Great if this isn’t the case, then it could just be part of an update that was lower in priority than getting the new pie system and web-portfolio rolled out. we could expect to see it handled sometime early next year perhaps? @David

Bump! Can we get it removed, very important setting for nowadays market conditions @David

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Kindly ask to remove buy limit/sell limit price restrictions on AMC stock

Many thanks!

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We cannot remove the distance limit completely. However, it has been increased both for GME and AMC.


Many thanks @Rumen appreciate fast response


While you are at it, could you please fix the limit borders for NAKD as well, premarket is going wild and I cant place my limit order

Would be very helpful

Thank you!