Understanding rapid price changes

I’m watching VWRL and wonder how the brief price surges occur and how to handle them.

Here’s and example from this morning

I am curious too, I have sometimes seen this. However, my graph for VWRL this morning is not showing this now.


I see this too now and then. When I compare the candle sticks with for example TradingView, it doesn’t show those spike overthere.

Hmm. Interesting - however I have just checked myself and it is the same in the 1 minute view. Looks to me like an issue with the charting tool, or perhaps the correct vizualisation of the abrupt opening fall. Maybe the T212 staff will enlighten us.

[PS - I might just try a different browser. I’m using FF 73.0.1]

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I just saw it again on IITU. I madly hunted for breaking news. A vaccine just been found?

@lakelander Some cases are due to our current data feed provider. We may get an ask price from a rather illiquid exchange. Nonetheless, rest assured that these prices are not tradeable because the order is always routed to the most liquid exchanges to meet NBBO.

However, looking at IITU & VWRL specifically, I found that these are legitime ask prices on the LSE order book. If you want to secure a specific price, it’d be best to use limit orders.

P.S. We’re switching providers soon so this won’t be happening in a few weeks.


Yesterday SPY4 also had a very strange behaviour.

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Could these fluxuations cause a position to close or are they just bugs that we can ignore?

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