Weird price spikes

Hi, sometimes I see strange price spikes that do not represent reality. Not only is it incorrect on graph but also if I try to buy asset it gives me incorrect price. Is there something I don’t understand or is it software bug?

See this thread


Hmmm, so if I was to buy this asset it would cost me £18 (2 shares minimum) but in reality it should be around £6. That is a major major issue…

I agree that there is something amiss with T212’s charting. @David has told us that they are aware and are about to change data providers, after which this will not happen. If you had sent a market buy order you would not actually have paid this inflated price. This company never actually traded any higher than 315.70 today.

But the best thing to do in circumstances where you are dubious is to place a limit order at the price you want to pay. You can see that there has been some temporary blip in price due to either a data feed error, or perhaps it was someone placing a ridiculous “ask” on the order book. You should ignore it and place a limit order at 300, say. I saw 24 rolls of toilet paper offered on Amazon yesterday for £69. I did not press “buy now”.