EKF Price not changing

I noticed on this Ticker that it has stayed on 76.8p for awhile but on Yahoo Finance it is down to 74p?

Got an alert on the App saying it dropped to 75p but it didn’t on the App?

Is this a glitch?

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The stock in question is currently being traded on the LSE AIM market venue. As such, regulated quotes are being received with a delay due to the low liquidity.

Furthermore, the graph remains strictly indicative in its nature and thus, its delayed update will not affect your execution.

In a nutshell- nothing to worry about. All is good on our end :ok_hand:

To add to @B.E the Yahoo Finance is the last trade (buy or sell and what they actually paid/received)

T212 shows ASK and BID.

Chances are though it was probably the Bloomberg data feed not giving a new ASK/BID. And not because of liquidity.

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T212 should be showing 76.50 ASK since about 10am ish.

Those first 12

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@B.E unless those aren’t the correct trades above then I’m not sure what quotes T212 is getting.

We should have seen 77.50, 77, 76.50, 77 and then 76.50 as the ASK

@David this looks a mess the quotes aren’t correct

Looking at any other provider they have the correct current ASK and BID.

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If I buy any shares would it still be at the 76.8p or the 75p?

My Price alert keeps going off at 74p despite never changing.

Guess I am confused about it.

So the ASK is the best price to buy and the BID is the best price to get from selling.

The last trade is just what some paid or received.

So if the ASK was 10p and someone paid full ASK then the last trade would be 10p

If someone got 9.8p then that’s the last trade.

Same with the BID and selling.

So if the ASK was 10p and the BID was 8p, you might see the last trade flick between 10p and 8p and somewhere between those when there’s a compromise between seller and buyer. Usually either they are happy to take slightly more or less because they want the deal, and size of order plays a factor.

To add to all this Yahoo etc are delayed by up to 15mins

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Don’t know if this helps or confuses more but T212 just see the first row and we have no idea how many shares are waiting at those price points.

24.56 ASK and 24.55 BID is what we see inside T212

And these are the trades, so pretending the market is open (this is from premarket) then Yahoo would show 24.52 within the next 15mins for the 9:12

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And going back to this the price column is what is being shown on yahoo/Google etc (delayed up to 15m)

The Offer column (another word for ASK) is the buy price in the app or should be.

So not 76.8p but 76.5p


So it should have looked like this

And not this mess

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