Undervalued stocks

Alibaba having a bit of a dip at the moment , any thoughts on this ?

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Check out the Ant Group discussion for some thoughts. But my current view is its very much in buy territory, under $280 for sure and even under $300 to be honest for long term plays. Do you own research of course I am not a professional :smiley:

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I imagine today’s fall is linked to this week’s forthcoming congressional vote on Chinese stocks’ US listings. There may be some buying opportunities ahead.

Yes i expect so, I am bullish on Alibaba long term, only annoyance is if they are delisted in US how that affects T212 particularly as I have them in an ISA.

Interesting question :thinking:

NIO!!! So undervalued it almost feels criminal loading up at these prices :rocket:

I’m in between two minds with Nio. Their earnings are moving in the right direction, but at the same time I just can’t help but always have the fact that they’re a Chinese electric car maker at the forefront of my mind. No Chinese car maker has ever made it big, let alone an electric car maker. Given the corruption of the government and companies there, I’m not sure would Westeners be able to shake the ‘Made in China’ image of cheap electrics and be willing to strap into a 100 mile an hour moving metal box.


Basically the whole of the FTSE. US stock market is comical.

Have you seen their cars? They put Tesla to shame!! Given how China wants to get rid of as much pollution as possible and a $1 billion loan to NIO its gonna do amazing. Check the institutions pumping the cash into NIO.

And a more recent post…


Nio hype is dead, get you’r money out friend

Hype?? Lol are you for real? Have you done any DD on the company at all? If so and that’s your conclusion I’d say good luck in whatever your holding


Im more then happy with my investments

Just telling you short and straight, trying to help you out here, get out while you can

Sell it to me why I should get out

Investors are paying far more for Nio shares now then they did in 2013/ start 2014. Tesla had a market cap of just 5 billion, yet nio market cap is already up to 60 billion while offering investors less in terms of results.

Nio has shi* margins, thr company is losing money just on production of it’s cars its gross loss on productions for vehicles that are sold for the past year came in at about 45$ million , now note this is before marketing expensis, salaries and legal expenses.

Nio say’s it wants the european market and the US market, but sadly it’s gonna take a lot of time before it happens. The loss of producing the car’s and then shipping them to the Us / europe would just be a dream for them
By the next 4-5 year’s (If) they get there margins up, eu and us would be packed wirh competition. Obv with main competitor being Tesla.

At the end of they day, it’s your choice, but there are more down sides, just the fact that it’s a Chinese stock makes the numbers reported somewhat unsafe; nothing unusual, it’s happend many times before.

You’d be much better of with investing in Yandex or Alibaba, that’s for sure.

Where are you getting your information from??

Q3 Revenue 2020 was $666.6 million USD
Quarterly Deliveries of the ES8, ES6 and EC6 were 12,206 vehicles
Quarterly Vehicle Margin reached 14.5%
Quarterly Gross Margin reached 12.9%

Feel free to read the results,

I don’t know much or believe in NIO or Tesla but i do believe if electric vehicle is going to revolutionize the world, industry leaders like Toyota, BMW & Mercedes are not going to sit back watch their feeding bottle taken away…my 2 cents

I will not buy NIO or Tesla, if am wrong 20 years from now…oh well.

NIO has revolutionised the EV market. You own a Tesla and the battery goes to shit guess what? You’ve to buy a new car. Same goes with every other EV I’m almost 100% certain of.

Next kicker is this which includes all the big names that are jumping on the band wagon. You need to recharge your battery every so often. Takes hours for a full charge which, although is alright if leaving overnight but going from service station to another a few hundred miles up the road it’s a lot of hours of your life you won’t get back.

All the EV cars that is except, NIO.

Game changer is four letters BaaS (Battery as a service). You drive in to the power station and within 3 mins you’ve got a full charged battery and not only that, you then have a choice of having a short journey battery for getting around the city or, the first of its kind (even ahead of Tesla) a 100kwH battery for that super long journey ahead of you.

Don’t listen to me, go do your due diligence and see why every institutional holder has lifted there ratings from sell, hold to buy!!

This will be a 3 digit share price in the next 3 months

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