Unilever unification - ✅ Completed

Unilever wants to unify on Nov. 29, ending its hybrid structure consisting of the NV and PLC shares. “The final steps towards completing the unification include UK High Court hearings on Oct. 23 and Nov. 2, with the Dutch-listed shares ceasing trading after Nov. 27.”

What will happen to our (fractional) NV shares? Just want a clarification thanks in advance!


Any info about the stock we already own? Will be changed to uk stock?

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Hello @Etypsyno @Dennis,

At this point, we cannot disclose the exact procedure to follow as the mandatory event is yet to be confirmed. However, we are investigating and will update you as soon as we have definitive information.


Unilever says UK court has approved unification plan
“Unilever’s cross-border merger between its Dutch and British corporate entities has been approved by the United Kingdom’s High Court, the company said on Monday, marking the effective point of no return for the group’s plan to become a single London-based entity.”

Any update @PeterA?

4 days to go, would like to have certainty about what happens to our shares.

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Hi @Etypsyno,

For holders of the current Unilever PLC - no changes will be observed.

For holders of the Unilever NV Structure - shares will be converted to the Amsterdam listed PLC shares with a 1:1 ratio, on the 30th of November (When the official listing is scheduled to be executed and dealing commenced)


thank you! I assume fractional shares also will be converted without being sold?

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When will trading in Unilever on the EAM be resumed?

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Hello @wouter1182,

The stock is tradeable under the new name and ISIN.

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Nice to see the quote updated! But the graph isn’t showing past last Friday for me and bid/ask seems to not be accurate though.

Bid/ask seems to be still the one from close Friday as I am not observing the bid/ask changing on T212, although delayed bid/ask from https://live.euronext.com/en/product/equities/GB00B10RZP78-XAMS/unilever/una/quotes seems very close so could very well be a mistake of mine.

Ah yes thank you i see the new changes.
But what etypsyno said the price is still not moving in my app

bid/ask and the graph seems to be fixed thanks @PeterA !
How do I now archive/close this topic?

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