Vivendi - Universal

Just a little confused what is going on with Vivendi. I think we should receive univeal shares for holding them, However in the past we will just recieve the cash equivalent and be forced to buy back in. Given that the price has surged 38% will we be getting shares, the initial price or the current price? And when this all be resolved?

Have you received your share of the UMG shares yet? Ive not received anything and unsure what to do

Hey, everyone :wave:

Proceeds from the sale of UMG were distributed earlier today. More information on how similar corporate events are handled can be found in this article.

Feel free to PM me in case you have any more questions.

Seems like a really unfair way of handling it. What happens if the share price goes up between you selling our given shares and the new company being listed on T212 (let alone us being around to make the transaction!)

Hey @toptom007, we’re getting closer to introducing a functionality that will substantially improve this aspect of the service, by the day.

More info on this- here :point_down:


Very interesting as other lower-cost brokers also tend to pay out a cash equivalent instead of offering the shares. But Trading 212 offers the shares even before the cash equivalent is paid out.

Would like to know what technical limitation currently is the origin of this, on the surface, seemingly weird problem.