Uranium / Nuclear Stocks

Trying to make a list of companies available on T212 and involved in uranium / nuclear power. That’s what I got so far.
Any other suggestions ?

NexGen Energy
Energy Fuels
Denison Mines
Yellow cake
Uranium Energy Corporation
Centrus energy corp
Ur-energy inc


Those aren’t available on T212 but look interesting. Especially the first one which is the official chinese nuclear power branch…

Cgn Power Co Ltd
Paladin Energy
Fission Uranium Corp
Global atomic corp


I know Engie SA operates several nuclear power plants in Europe, Nextera Energy also operates several nuclear power plants in the US. Although for both nuclear isn’t the biggest part of their energy mix.

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I see all are available, any new additions?

I don’t think Cgn Power Co Ltd, Paladin Energy, Fission Uranium Corp and Global atomic corp have been added.
Those are the only ones that I know of in the uranium sector. You could also add to the list companies that are running the nuclear plants but that another story…

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Was there any update to these? I would also be really keen to get them added as well as Encore Energy and Deep Yellow. They are all dual listed so hopefully T212 can get them added.

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wet fart noises

I attended a talk on Uranium/Yellow Cake which was hosted to attract investors. It actually put me off. Which isn’t neccessarily a bad thing - I was interested before, and lost interest after. So that protects my cash potentially. From the talk the takeaway point for me is that its going to be an EXTREMELY slow growing sector.

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Not sure if you were wanting Uranium exclusively but a couple of big names not on your list are BHP and Rio Tinto.

See this article from just over a month ago: Largest Uranium Companies in the World

After looking into it, it seems the entire nuclear sector is actually not very attractive when it comes to benefits.
Uranium is constantly going up and down as for the nuclear energy sector, it’s not making any money.
One specialist I’ve heard said it had to be a public-funded sector to provide affordable electricity (can’t provide 10% per year to shareholders and expect cheap energy from it).
I’m out :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I’m not out. See below :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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That’s interesting insight.

I came to the same conclusion. I just can’t see a future in it any time soon due to political issues, financial expenses and more.

one I am personally in EDF.

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Lot to think about I guess.
I haven’t read anything yet about nuclear fuel production to disposal of waste disposal.
But the current argument that was being made is about aggressive targets on moving to net-zero carbon and argument is it is not possible with just renewable energy sources.

I have put 1k in my uranium pie few weeks ago and it seems to ne up by 20% trick is when to get out.

Well if we’re talking about clean, renewable, and sustainable energy, nuclear really is the way to go for that. I think once we figure out nuclear fusion, the entire industry will explode, but that is a long way away. Definitely not science fiction, but I think I may be an old man by the time it comes around. It will be a safe alternative to the concerns people have about the current nuclear fission based industry however.

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@obrienciaran isn’t getting in far too early the only way retail investors like us will ever tilt the balance in our favor against institutional investors?

I think so; you’re right imo.

However that’s too long a game for me! I usually day trade or swing trade so I don’t have too much of an opinion on that!

I do have cash in investment trusts like Scottish Mortgage etc. so I’m hoping they’ll be smart enough to pick nuclear winners when the timing is right!


Nuclear might be interesting after all.
Just read a couple of articles on a new generation of small power plants and those might actually be very cost efficient.
So investing in nuclear might actually be a very good idea :+1:

Depends on what you’re looking for in terms of investing. Do I believe there’s a future for nuclear - yes, undoubtedly! Do I believe it is the best place to invest, no.

There’s also a difference in investing in uranium stocks vs nuclear plant builders vs plant operators. All have different challenges eg mining - amount of uranium available already (plus from reprocessing); plant builders - technical challenges and historically poor project management with large cost over runs; plant owners - financing of new build and ever decreasing costs of renewables plus decommissioning and long term waste costs.

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You’re right. I wouldn’t put a dime in plant builders / operators right now. However I think that companies in charge of managing uranium will go up in value. In fact they are right now. In the US, Kerry said nuclear was a good option in the fight against global warming. In France, Macron has clearly stated that the future would be nuclear. And it’s roughly the same in every “nuclearized nation”. As a consequence, companies like Cameco will go up in my opinion. Now is it the best investment option around ? Probably not. But at least you can be sure those companies aren’t in a bubble. I’m starting to have my doubts when it comes to renewables and a bunch of hyped tech companies.

I’ve invested a very small amount in Denison Mines in October.


Uranium stocks are doing great so far. No wonder, after the US and France, China is targeting 400 reactors by 2050. Looks like people finally realized the world won’t be able to run on renewables :slight_smile: