Uranium / Nuclear Stocks

Have a small position in URG, probably a very short term pump and dump though.

That’s not true :rofl:

The world has been shutting down nuclear plants.


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None of your links says that :thinking:
First link says France wants to reduce nuclear to 50% in its energy mix. It’s true for now but recent declarations of president Macron make me think it won’t happen.
Second article says global capacity will go from 443GW to 455GW by 2040 and clearly states that the trend as to be accelerated to reach at least 601GW by 2040.

The Biden administration will support nuclear for sure:

If that’s really the case and China keeps pushing forward with its program, I highly doubt the EU will maintain its current political line on nuclear. That would be the dumbest move in the power game going on right now.

Of course I might be wrong but so far the market seems to be betting on a nuclear comeback.

Pump and dump happens on Bitcoin but isn’t likely to happen on regulated markets. It’s a serious securities fraud. What could happen though is a hype and short cycle.

Lol yes sure none of them say it.

Good luck getting your uranium stocks pumped…so many naive people online.

p.s nice video from 4 years ago! :smiley:

The first line literally says 5.5GW came online but 9.4GW went offline!

Anyway new nuclear does not necessarily equal more need for uranium when so much uranium can be reprocessed or repurposed from other sources.

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Yeah… in a year. How is it a relevant information on the nuclear sector for the next 5, 10 or 20 years ?

If you scan the news you can find other sources saying the exact same. Nuclear energy is part of the democrat agenda even if it seems to piss you off somehow. This is an article 3 days old.

Again I’m not saying nuclear comeback is certain. But they’re gonna try hard. And I’d say they will likely succeed.

You got me. I’m part of the “Fox Mulder & Friends” pumping group. And we are pumping like you wouldn’t believe. Like the other day we pumped the Cameco stock good. Like at least a 100$. You know. Now I’m spending my days on this forum trying to find people to invest in uranium. I’m pretty sure if I can motivate 1000 of them to purchase, the stock will go up something like 5 dollars and we’ll cash in. The entire operation should generate a profit of at least 25$. So clever, I know…

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well good luck buddy - hope you win big :kissing_heart:

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Thank you :+1:
I’ll make an update on my nuclear pie in a year or so.
We’ll see how it goes.
If I got screwed, you’ll have a free 1-week pass to troll me as much as you want :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Who knows what will happen.
Market is unpredictable

I’m invested in clean green energy and it’s been dropping more then I expected.

I just got in. The iShares Clean Energy just dropped 7%+ I think. It seems to me like a nice entry point. I also bought a bit of natural gas as some countries are planning to convert their coal plants to gas in order to limit emissions.
Yeah as you said, we’ll see. Nobody really knows what the future holds… The stock market right now seems to be more about gambling than anything else :sweat_smile:

Yes i know its dropping.
Did you buy Natural gas as commodity?
Im not going lie intrested in adding Uranium under my commoditiy pie.
i would rather buy it as a commodity then a company that uses it

Yes I bought natural gas as a commodity.
Uranium isn’t available as a commodity on T212.
Not even sure you can find an ETC or ETF related to uranium / nuclear that is also UCITS compliant.
That’s the reason I had to go with producers.

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It is indicative of the current situation ie that more reactors are being taken offline than can be built at the moment - that has been a trend for a while iirc (largely because the current generation reactors are running so late in construction).

It matters for uranium because even if new reactors can be built more quickly, you still need less uranium as they are more fuel efficient so less uranium needed. That is before you even factor existing stocks of uranium.

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I understand that. But I’m not betting on status quo. I think things are going to change because they’ll have to in order to tackle climate change and prevent Russia and China to be the only major players in the field.

It’s not that simple. If less uranium is needed, companies will reduce extraction and increase prices in order to maintain profitability. Scarcity = higher price.

Another possibility is that, even though less uranium is needed by unit of electricity produced, the demand for electricity goes up so much that more uranium is needed anyway. I’m not saying it will the case as I have no idea of the kind of efficiency we are talking about (10%, 30% or 90%?) but it’s a possibility.

Another possibility is that current reactors will remain in service for an additional 10 or more years. In that case, nothing change regarding efficiency.

You also have to take into account the fact that we are printing money like crazy which pushes assets prices up. That is true for any company, including uranium producers.

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