ACB after hour listing

Add ACB in after hour trading they are killing toady with recent relia acquisition. Specially CFD traders no way.

@k03rdt6 Our CFD ACB is the :canada:-listed version, not :us:. There’s no extended hours trading on the Toronto stock exchange.

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Ok would it kick stop order when market opens or is doomed since it changed about 30% in after hour trading

@k03rdt6 If the stop price is passed, it’ll execute on the next best available price.

What if it puts you in margin call and quickly drops to closing position

Stop chasing FOMO I’d say.

First 30 minutes of a market opening are the most volatile, just see if a consistent direction is established in that time frame and then go in.

Yes, may mean you lose out on some gains, but at least you won’t get into deep losses by letting emotions take the upper hand.

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when are use doing out of hour update so we can trade on invest out of hours? Said use was going to place onto platform but nothing yet ?