URGENT - Remove/move Quick trade Button on charts

Too many times have I opened up trading 212 in the morning, only to accidentally press the annoyingly located and over-leveraged quick buy/sell button. It’s led to me spending days trying to make back the money lost, almost losing my account. Can you please remove/move this feature to somewhere less obvious?

There is a setting to remove this. See Accidental trades

Sorry you did not discover this setting earlier.

@Tony.V Perhaps it would be better if the default was to have quick trading off and then those who want it could turn it on.

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For such a risky option, this seems like the more pausable way to go. Wiped out over 10% of my account this morning due to it.

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Happen to me once, first time I touched CFD on this platform. Well first and the last.
Later I seen option to remove this ludacris feature. But damage was done… lesson learned lol