YOU didn't want to be doin that!

Does anyone else make this mistake?

Three times recently I’ve clicked without meaning to, on the invisible Buy button, in the watchlist column.

Aargh!. Of course value immediately goes negative. I exclaimed to my wife that I’d just bought £25k of Natural Gas by mistake.
She blew up.

That one cost me about £30.
Two years’ supply of Cocoa cost me 55p.

After a tense few minutes this one turned out to be fortunate, + about £120 for a very short time:

50,000 Auzzie dollars to sell to an American. ‘Buy’ mistake. :banana: Cost me a fiver.

I was wondering about sticking a stripe of pvc tape down the screen so I can’t click on it.


Are you trying to suggest your app doesn’t make you confirm the trade - as soon as you click ‘buy’ the trade goes through :rofl:

There is a setting for “1 click trading”. I assume it does what it says on the label and you can enable/disable it how you wish. Obviously if you enable it…

Yep. It’s the way the app came (cfd), out of the box but with position CLOSE confirmation, for some reason. The Settings box is one of those you might not realise scrolls, because there’s no bar visible until you hover over it.
(It’s like the silly lateral bar at the botton of the chart screen - you know, you go to move an Alert and hit the invisible bar and lose your display…


20 characters

Yes Kennybobs, it’s crap design.

bad button 2023-08-18 181238

Even with the thing in front of me I don’t know whch characters you’re counting.

There is zero gap between the edge of the skinny tab for closing the side panel and the button, which is not clear, for doing a trade. Yes it comes up very pale grey but then it’s too late.

A bad result would mean the company being taken to court, where it wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. (My wife’s a barrister covering that sort of thing).