US 30 short position possible glitch

i had short positions on the US30 @ 26,011.4 : 26,040.3: & 25,957.4, the issue is after the rollover which i believer happened around afternoon late time UK approximately 2 hours later my positions should of been in a profit but instead it says im still at a current loss i had TP set and hit but it was significantly lower then expected which does not make sense to me.

Am i doing something wrong has anybody else had the same issue or should i have expected the rollover to have interfered with my positions or is this a glitch which should be solved and for me to be re-imbursed?

any help or direction given on this matter will be really helpful on clearing the air.

when you open info of your position you should see that section it’s adjustment made by system according to new contract price after rollover it can be on + as well on - but after all it is always net 0

I’ve seen this explanation a few times, “net zero”. I don’t understand how it can be net zero if everybody has lost money.

By the way I’m not trading these indices so haven’t lost any money. I’m just a nosy passer by trying to understand how these things work.

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My English is not the best so I can’t describe the process step by step, sorry for that. But at the end at least in my case before rollover I’ve been about - 100 on my position and after rollover I’m at the same point. If I would do my maths using price I’ve put my trade result would be different a lot but after adding taking rollover adjustments from “my price” everything matches

this is the issue as you’ll be able to see it makes no sense at all.

@pipo We’ve been through this countless times → nobody has lost money as a result of the rollover itself.

@mohsin2885 There was a platform message on Friday morning notifying that a rollover was due & a link to the help center where one could find how a rollover works, along with calculations. Not to mention the plethora of content on the community which explains the process in great detail.

Let me provide yet another example:

  1. You bought 10 US 30 at $100, the current price is $105 → thus profit = 10 x $105 - $100 = $50.
  2. The next contract is trading at $110.
  3. BUY positions → A rollover adjustment of ($110 - $105) x 10 will be deducted from your result so that one doesn’t profit “out of nothing”. If there was no adjustment, you’d made an additional $50 on top of your current $50 profit. Now, because of the $50 deduction, you’re still at… $50… exactly where you were before.
  4. SELL positions → same logic but instead of a deduction, the result will be added in order to prevent a loss.

End result is always the same → a neutral rollover.


The SELL price is what you actually sold for in the old contract, the current price is the price in the new contract.
So, if the new contract started, say, 100 points lower than the old, it means the actual price (for you), is 100 points higher than what you see (and vice versa)

Does this make any sense?