US30 short position

I had moments ago entered into a short position of 3 contracts on US30 and it went on to show -£636 instantly which made no sense. At the same time, the TP of my short position with DAX30 triggered giving £50 profit. There has been very slow movement on US30 within the last 15 minutes and it has been bearish and falling consistently, so I just cannot get my head around for a minus amount of 636 to appear instantly! I tried to refresh your website several times thinking there had been some glitch as well as tried to log on from the app. Nothing seemed to work and the figure was stuck on -£636. I then tried to close this position worrying if it was going to go higher in the negative and with a view of making a complaint, but none of the systems being neither your app nor your website would allow me to close the position. I was then allowed to close the position after trying 4 times whilst the figure was still stuck on -636. I have taken videos and pictures of everything I could in respect of the above. I would like my 636 refunded and added back to the account balance as soon as possible, or I escalate this as a formal complaint. Thanks


I think that’s due to spread on futures as mine have all just rolled over.

Same - huge loss for me do to the 40 point jump in SPX before it switched over. Very annoying but will make me learn about contract ending and jumps in it…

They usually roll over in advance right? This has never happened to me before.

Yes mine rolled over and now I have taken the loss due to the spike onto a new future

It’s the spread difference folks. It was just over £400 of a difference at one point!!!

@Guins007 That happened because the spread was huge - above $300. This is not due to markups by Trading 212 - the raw spread itself was abnormally large.
We can see how that might have caused confusion so we reimbursed everyone who decided to trade the huge spread.

Is this just for US30 or SPX as well @David, or was the spread not the thing here?

@Trader212 The spread was abnormally large on US 30 only, SPX was a legitimate movement of the June contract.

Does this mean the rollover on us30 is incorrect also?

@ABtrade Nope, the US 30 rollover is fine.

Did everyone get refunded on this as I have not. See the pic for difference in spread compared to price lol :see_no_evil:


I have been robbed of my money due to this issue.

I have reported this to the financial Ombudsman.

For no reason whatsoever, my positions all closed out at 3199 on the SPX and now I have a buy position at 3199 plus all of my old positions are completely wrong. The maths is totally and utterly wrong.

I want to be reimbursed as you have said above. I am so angry with this. It is misleading and outrageous.

What time was yours at? Mine was at 14.38 Uk time. I know there was rollovers today of contracts but I don’t know 100% about them fully so can’t say for certain.

On another note, T212 are actually very fair and have recently refunded me for a glitch in their system so have a bit of patience and I’m sure it will be resolved for you

@David @George @Team212

have you had any success in finding out about this?

For reference this was the biggest difference since 1998 at time of future closing.

just to let people know I was reimbursed for the difference :slight_smile:

Thanks - that is good to know how rare this was. How did you find that out?

That was for the US30 right? As I believe they got reimbursed but not for the SPX500

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