US Mutual Funds

@Alien Hi, Could you please help if you know any trusted broker like T212, for buying Mutual funds in US?

I don’t have much experience with mutual funds, but have a look at Interactive Brokers (

@Alien Thank you. This is the only broker supporting Mutual funds for Indian investors. But not many good index mutual funds which are tracking Nasdaq, fidelity zero funds etc. Best option is QQQ on T212.

Can i ask you why is that you are looking at mutual fund and not ETF’s?

Thanks for your question. Simple reason, liquidity. Although, one can debate on this as there are many liquid ETF’s in the market. For index investing, the variation between the index vs ETF might be huge depending on the market.

There is one more advantage if you chose a zero expense ratio mutual fund.

I personally tried several funds earlier and switched to low cost ETF’s in Vanguard/iShares and i could buy whenever i want and sell rather than auto buy.
Anyway, hope you find you near zero expense AMC fund!!!

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As of now, IBKR is the only broker offering MF services for Indian investors. I didn’t find any good NASDAQ 100 index fund with IBKR. Fidelity’s zero funds are not listed on any other platform. QQQ ETF is good among NASDAQ ETFs. So, even I don’t have an option other than ETF.

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