Using the SEARCH function

A few times now I have been looking for a topic, and rather than start a new topic/thread I use the search but it always says no matches found even when I try using different words.

I am using the PC for T212 so is that the reason or is it broken?

Try and be as unspecific as possible. Instead of searching “how do I import my shares into a pie” try simply “import” or “import pie” etc.

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Hi Cavan, yes I did that but no joy I’m afraid mate, is it because i’m on the PC and not a phone?


I doubt it Col, the search function on here is very good, so you shouldn’t be having any problems. Could you try show me exactly what you’re trying to search and what the error is?

I’ve tried it a few times on different topics, I not long withdrew some money from my account, I found out how to do it in the end, but when I first looked I did a search.
I typed the long version like you demonstrated but I also typed ‘Withdraw’ but as I said every search I do I get the message ‘no matches found’

Can you give a real example?
and we all try the same

Only thing I can ask is if your definitely clicking enter. I’m on mobile to be fair, I’ll check on my laptop later, but if you just type and don’t click search you’ll get this message:

But if I search withdraw I get many many results:

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This is what I just got:

w help

have no clue how do you have this Help dropdown and Latest button all together… I never see the forum like this.

Try different browsers or update them, it looks weird to me.

ps: I use Safari on macOS

Oh right I’m on Chrome.
I think I may get barred from this forum soon, I’m asking too many awkward questions and creating long threads lol.


you are searching in the category field, the forum search is at the top right where also your profile icon is


Ha Ha, you are right my friend, I was searching on the forum page itself, doh!


Here is an example of one of the searches least used. It matches over 100 previous posts.

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