Why do I have less search options?

I’ve recently created a Trading 212 account and have been actively using it. I have however found out that I’m missing a lot of stock search options. My friend has a total of 9090 available search results, and I only have 3955?

I’ve been wanting to invest in a certain stock, which I can’t find.
My friend, however, is able to find it.

My friend created his account 1+ years ago
(We’re both using an invest account)

Do newer accounts have fewer search options or do I have to do something to unlock more?

You’re friend is probably using an invest account and you’re probably using an ISA account. The ISA account has a lot less stocks due to it’s restrictions.

I’m using an Invest account as well

Different counties? I’m not sure.

We live in the same country
I just hope it has something to do with either settings or just me having a new account

He’s onboarded through a different mechanism to you. Will have more stocks available until 212 even it out.

Welcome to our Community, @BrightParts - we’re glad to have you aboard. :tada:

As @Scrooge_McCodf mentioned, we’re working towards equalizing the number of instruments we offer between the two entities (EU & UK). In the meantime, if there’s a specific stock you’d like to see on the platform, let us know and we’ll add it, if possible.

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