Value orders - join the BETA

I’ve also just signed in for this, really looking forward to testing it out. Really awaited feature, congrats to the Trading212 team for this and the other recently announced features.

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Applied for the beta, looking forward to using it once it gets activated! :pray:

So simple, but so subtly powerful too. Bravo team👌


Hi @George,

For a fresh feedback: I tried few orders and they are working great, executed in less than 2 seconds (MSFT, V, GOOG and others).

There are tho old Companies still missing the possibilities to buy fractional still (Ex: ET, LORL). And I also noticed that all the new stocks added today are also not fractional (Ex: SDGR, MKL).
I don’t know how is your internal procedure but wouldn’t be possible to add new stocks already fractional?

And an idea, would be possible to lower the minimum of buying a share lower than 0,001? For ex. I bought 20 Euro of AXP and got me 0,246654 share, now if I wanna buy the difference to get a whole share I can’t because I can only buy a minimum of 0,001. I think would be nice to be able to round up the shares but of course let people buy 0,000001 it’s not the best but what if you keep the minimum to 0,001 but let people buy for instance 0,001346. Just an idea. :v:


+1 for rounding. Maybe when one switches to “number of shares” option to have some rounding to next available full number (if has already some fraction of that share).

I see your point. We can implement something in order to help you round your investment to a whole number. Will follow up on that. :slight_smile:


+1 for rounding, everything else works great, thanks!

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Hi @George, another “bug” I noticed is that you can buy with a minimum of 1Euro, but if you buy a fractional share of 0,00something you could buy for even 0,08Euro as example. So it’s possible to buy under 1Euro but only with share amount and not value. I think nobody wants to buy 50 cents of a stock but with the DRIP coming maybe it’s something to look at because with your first stock of a company you can have dividends of less than 1Euro.
For the rest so far it works great! :+1:


I did get “Value orders BETA activated” app notification. I have the app updated to latest version.
However, I can’t see the feature available yet!

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  1. Only IOS right now
  1. Make sure you’ve signed up to beta

This is AWESOME!

I just signed up for the beta, hope I get it by Monday!

Huge kudos to the Trading212 team, bringing us such great features!

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Is this feature only being tested on the Invest accounts and not the ISA?

never mind its showing up.


I got the notification yesterday that I had entered the beta for this feature but I don’t see it available in my app. I tried killing and reopening the app and it doesn’t work, and I get the same issue on the desktop site.

Does anyone know if there is a certain time that one has to wait til the feature is fully enabled?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Our Android update just got approved by Google! We’ve enabled the beta for everyone who subscribed.

@wdavis maybe you’re trying to access the feature via an Android device. If that’s the case, please, update your app and you should be good to go :slight_smile:


Just got the update. :grinning:


Hey @George, I’m using the iOS and the desktop apps. Shall I uninstall and reinstall? Thanks!

Waiting for US market open to test :slight_smile:

Value Limit Orders, please :slight_smile:

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Just re invested my MasterCard`s dividend into the lse. Works perfect :ok_hand:!

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Is the 95% limited still applied to Value Orders?

No, you can invest all free funds with a single value order.