Value orders - Launched 🚀

We’re happy to announce that the Value orders feature was just launched to all Trading 212 users. We are grateful to everyone who participated in the Beta test and helped us polish the functionality!

By using a value order you will be able to lock-in the exact monetary value of your trade. This will help you allocate your funds across different investments with increased precision - down to the last penny. The feature has been requested from many users (especially people following a DCA (Dollar-cost averaging) strategy and we’re happy to deliver!

How it works:
Let’s say you want to buy some Tesla. Up until now, you had to specify how many shares you want to buy and then get an estimation of the expected cost based on the current market price of the stock.

This will always be possible, however, now you can tap on the ‘Number of shares’ label and change the order type to ‘Value’.

This essentially flips the logic of the order and now you are locking-in how much money you want to spend. The number of shares you will get becomes an estimate.

Value mode is also available with sell orders. The only difference compared to buy orders is that if you want to sell more than 95% of your position the order gets automatically switched to ‘Number of shares’ mode.


Brilliant. Thanks all. That’s a great feature.

Does it mean that the number of shares will be rounded down so that you will never spend more than the figure you’ve locked in?


It will spend every last penny, due to the high number of decimal places

Sorry mate, I don’t think I was clear. If I want to buy £50 worth of shares and the current share price is £2.50 then I understand that I will get 20 shares but if the share price changes to £2.55 before the order is executed then the calculation would result in 19.6 shares; so would I end up with 19 shares at £48.45 or 20 shares at £51?

Obviously I’m talking about situations where fractional shares are not allowed.


Tried this is the beta and it is awesome! Was a bit frustrating always having pennies left over, or having to do multiple trades to get the amount desired. Makes dividend reinvestment so easy as well.

Keep up the good work!

@Wonker, I guess that it will give you a fractional share to the nearest penny :smiley:

Value orders work only with fractional shares.

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Thanks very much for the incredible feature !

Will it be possible to do this also with limit orders ?

Thanks for all the work !

Yes, I’ll post an update when we’re about to enable it for all types of orders.


Nice thanks. So I will wait until that.

I used this for the first time the other day, and I’ve got to say that it’s fantastic. Smooth, quick and negates the guessing in trying to spend free funds.



Great option keep up the good work. Thank you for providing such a great service.

When can we expect value orders/fractional shares avaliable on Limt orders be avaliable? Is this some thing that trading212 is working on?

Still not working this feature to me…

Do you know that value orders are only available with fractional shares?

Thanks for this feature , its really great.
I noticed that if you already hold a position in a particular stock and want to add to it that this feature isnt available. Is that in the pipeline?, for a drip investing strategy it would be useful.

Only problem I’ve found is that when you sell it wont allow you to place stops or limits on your sale unless you want to sell a whole amount.

It is not problem of owned shares, but rather works only with Fractional shares… :wink:

UX would be a lot better if when you scroll too far it defaults to the maximum~

I just tried it and the smallest amount I could drag to was £1 which is too big meaning I need to first check how much is remaining in my balance and manually enter the amount

£1 is the minimum order size. Am I not understanding the specific issue correctly?