Value projection should be available in the pie overview tab

Hi all,

After recently learning that autoinvest now works with the free balance in our accounts I decided to explore it for the first time on one of my investment pies. I discovered the value projection (see pic below) at the bottom of the page and it occurred to me that this would be a handy bit of analysis that should be available for an investment pie as standard. Perhaps in the overview tab? Why on earth would you leave something like this in the autoinvest feature? Strange decision.

If anyone from the team is reading this please consider bringing the value projection out of autoinvest and into the overview tab to allow users to see an estimate of returns over time should they continue to invest whatever amount they are investing regularly.

I have 2 questions for anyone who understands how this works.

  1. is this value projection telling me my estimated returns in 10 years if I choose to use the autoinvest feature from now on? Meaning it’s not counting what I’ve already invested in the pie?

  2. When I toggle the autoinvest feature OFF I can still see all the details but they are faded out… is that how it’s supposed to be? The other pies just have a picture under the autoinvest tab since I’ve never turned it ON for those.

Thanks all, I hope all that made sense…

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Hey @mani212, thank you for the detailed feedback on the AutoInvest feature!

The value projection is located in the AutoInvest section, as it’s linked to the investment plan you set up. While pies can be funded manually, it would be hard to give a value projection without a consistent investment schedule set up.

As to your other questions:

  1. The value projection is estimating the interest in 10 years based on your pie’s average rate of return. The actual yield depends on the performance of the investments in your pie and can vary over time. Your already invested funds are included in the projection, and potential dividend reinvestments are also part of the equation. Also, the grey line you see indicates the amount you’ve contributed, whereas the blue line combines the profits with the contributed funds.

  2. When AutoInvest is turned off, it fades out, as it assumes that you may decide to use the Investment plan again in the future. If the AutoInvest was never enabled when creating a Pie, there is no value projection shown.

You can find some additional information if visiting the AutoInvest tab from our mobile app by clicking on :information_source: next to “Value projection”.

Thanks @Momchil.G for answering my questions and clarifying how this feature works. Much appreciated.

While I now understand that the value projection is within autoinvest because it relies on the consistent investment schedule, I still think it would be a nice tool for those who are planning to invest consistently but would prefer to do it manually. For those people, it would be nice to have this feature outside of autoinvest to allow them to understand what the value projection would be if they continued to invest, say £500, in one of their pies, every month for the long term. I know I would have used it for sure if I had known about it sooner.