Vanguard VX5E mandatory redemption/closing

Vanguard have announced closing of VX5E their Euro STOXX 50 ETF (which was only recently made fractional by T212 last Friday). They are doing this because they feel the size of the fund is now too small.

Those who own shares can either sell them in the market during the next few days, or have them mandatorily redeemed on 24 August at a price determined by the NAV that day.

I have not encountered this before. Does anyone with experience of similar know pros and cons of selling now vs waiting to take the mandatory redemption value?

My guess is that maybe one obtains more by waiting for redemption, assuming market were flat, by avoiding market maker’s edge on the sell price, but maybe it also takes longer to have the cash proceeds to hand. But that is just a guess.

A sensible replacement will be iShares EUE.