Verification for Thai based investor

Hi, this is my first time using trading212 by a recommendation from a friend.

However, I find it’s ridiculously difficult for verification purpose (seriously, I just want to trade and deposit)

I’m a digital nomad, living in Thailand, have a Thai bank account and Thai address, living legally under a long stay visa.

When I attached my bank statement (which anyway, doesn’t have address in it), the system said the file is corrupted (any files I downloaded from my bank apps)

If for address verification purpose, I can easily attach my post paid phone bill, which have all my data in it, but once again, the system insist on bank statement.

So, I’m not getting anywhere or any progress with this verification issue.

Can anyone please help me?

Thank you

You can indeed open an account from Thailand, however certain conditions need to be met when providing your documents.

The purpose of the Proof of Address document is to confirm your address therefore we would not be able to proceed with a document, which doesn’t contain it.

I will send you a direct message and provide you with instructions with a list of all your options in order to find a solution and activate your account.

I think I give up on trying to get my “address verified” on Trading212.

The process is too complicated.

Bank statement, utility bill, lease agreement, and they said, they cant find my address.

Is this a trading platform or loan application agency??


going back to EToro better…simple process in less than 3 hours.

I am sorry to hear about your decision, however I would like to highlight that the requirements for Proof of Address documents are valid for everyone and are in accordance to our regulator. There is no way we can go around the rules.

Also, we are not a bank or a lending company, but as a financial brokerage we do share many similar due diligence procedures.