Address Verification in Japan

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I introduced a few friends in Japan to Trading212 having had a great experience and painless sign-up myself (being from the UK). However, it seems that after several attempts to get their accounts verified, has ignored their emails and it seems are on the verge of giving up - which surprised me, as I always had quick and polite support! So I thought I’d post this to help group together the same issues they are facing as residents in Japan: @Bikashilpakar @engr.jehanzeb plus a few more waited to see how this pans out! =)

It seems that the problem with a JP Post bank account is that while you can request an official account balance summary (which comes a name, address, and account number marked on it), it is only a summary of the account value. Separately, they have an account book of all transactions (which comes with a name and account number but no address) - I suggested that they could scan 3 months of previous transactions plus the name and account page that would match the official summary. In addition, I suggested that they take a picture of their government issue residence ID card, (which lists their name, address, and photo), plus a utility bill (with a name and address). Do these four documents in tandem not meet the stipulations for identification stipulated on your website?

To summarise, the information supplied:

  • Font page and 3 months transactions from account book (Name, address, account number, transaction history)
  • Official bank account summary letter (Name, address, account number)
  • Selfie with residence ID card (Name, address, face photo x 2)
  • Utility bill (Name, address)

What else can they provide to help?


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Hey @cloud_watching :wave:,

It is true that depending on the country of residence, specific differences in document format and structure may apply. In such a case, we can use supplementary proof of address documents to complete the verification process successfully.

An ID card or residence card with your address on it (provided it matches the one you have registered for your trading account and the document is not expired) will be a perfectly valid option for a “secondary” proof of address document. Another option would be a utility bill (gas, water, electricity) that is on your name and is no more than 3 months old.

As for the bank statement, the requirements there are a bit more specific:
-it has to be no more than 3 months old;
-it needs to be an account statement for your active bank account with a significant number of transactions present on it;
-your names, account number, date of printing, signature and stamp(if a paper document is provided) bank name and/or logo and address need to be present on it.

In case you are downloading the statement from a bank app or website, the document must be the original .pdf that the site provided, as much as we would love to, we cannot accept a screenshot of the .pdf.

Of course, the address part does not apply in the current scenario, as you are providing a secondary document for that, but the rest of the requirements need to be met for us to be able to accept the document.

To sum up: your question contained the correct answer in itself, and I just felt it necessary to provide confirmation and a little more detail to the specifics of the documents so that we can ease up the rest of the process as much as possible. :v:

Hi @Tony.V :blush:,

Thanks for your reply - just to clarify on the bank statement, although we went to the bank to ask for a named and addressed transactional history, JP Post Bank would only provide a 1-page named and addressed ‘balance summary’ showing the current total.

Therefore, is it a sufficient proxy to scan and upload 3 months of transactions from the physical account book (which does have a name but no address, similar to the books used in building societies in the UK), and show that the total matches that on that shown on the balance summary?

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Yes, a client can use a transaction history with his/her name on it without an address. This document has to be a .pdf file from an online banking app or website or an A4 paper copy issued in the bank with a stamp on it, but not an inner part of a bank book. In case you have the proper bank document, a secondary document with an address on it will be required. It can be a utility bill (gas, water, electricity), broadband Internet bill, driving license or national ID card.

Thanks again, Tony. So if I understand correctly, since they are issued with a physical bank account booklet, scans/photos of the book’s front/back page and inside transactions (plus a secondary document should be sufficient)? I’ll pass this information on and let them try signing up again.

Many thanks and kind regards.