Proof of address system in freestyle mode [SOLVED]

@Team212 @Tony.V

Your ID verification system doesn’t work properly it seems.

I’ve send proof of address twice (tax return and then bank statement) and each time I received a message saying “we couldn’t find the address on the document”. Of course the address appears on each of those documents. It’s the first thing you see right at the top…

I have deposited a substantial amount on my account and now I can’t trade with it and I can’t withdraw it. My funds are essentially blocked and out of my control which is unacceptable.

You should review the way you do things so that all verifications are done before people deposit anything. Just my two cents if you want to avoid people feeling trapped. Not so great when it comes to customer experience. In my case, I really don’t appreciate it to be honest.

So… What am I suppose to do now ?
I sent an email via the contact form, no reply.
So what now ? Am I suppose to get on my knees and beg or something ? :innocent:

Thanks in advance for what is gonna be a swift and efficient answer to the problem :slightly_smiling_face:

@team212 @Tony.V
Got your email and sent you an answer.
Thank you

Problem solved very quickly.
Super professional.
Never have I seen such a reactivity before.
Congrats and thx ! :slight_smile:

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