Very slow app startup on Android?

I never had this problem b4, just saying.

Sent a screenshot to you. Tried to send video but website would not allow it.

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Im on android, galaxy s20 and mine’s the same as others have commented. On first opening the app just the logo shows. I have to go into the app drawer and close the app. I then try again and it opens straight away.
The other thing I’ve noticed is how slow it is to search for a stock. As i type in the search bar nothing appears for a quite a while, it struggles to keep up (and im a very slow typer).


Just undo the latest downgrading/update changes, and the app should run fine, simple.

Come on guys, your not having to re design the next space x rocket, its just a few app tweaks, get it sorted!

Is there Any update on this?

We’re working on deploying a fix for the matter as we speak. We’ll keep you posted.


This thread was started 23 days ago…and its just taken x4 attempts to open the 212 app to get it to actually open and launch correctly! Did you say you were working on a fix??? Is the app guy on holiday???

We are waiiting for some quite simple features for two years :wink::grin: Patience is the key, one developer can’t do it all :slightly_smiling_face:

In that case maybe you should employ a second developer…

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Not trying to be negative at all, I favour T212 over all other trading apps I have used in the past, but the developer is taking a ridiculous amount of time to sort these issues, I would expect serious issues like this with the UK’s leading trading app to be sorted in a heart beat, not dragged out for months. I work in a industry where if there is an issue it is fixed immediately, perhaps I’m expecting too much…

That’s why I use an iPhone. :relaxed:

What does the OS have to do with bad coding? I remember times when the whole game fit into 48KB of memory :wink::grin:

Android is more prone to bugs than iOS.

Well, it’s not true, but it doesn’t matter. And btw, If you look up, you will find some Iphone user complaining about the same as well :wink:

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Seems to be fine now guys
Nice work.

Hey, everyone. :wave:

We’ve applied a fix, so everything should be fine now. However, let us know if you encounter any issues.

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Version 5.96.0…still 10 - 20 secs to open the app for the first time

I’ll DM you so we can check this further. :pray:

With the latest update, the individual stock page take about 5 secs to fully load, it was almost instant before.

But the new low & day high price stats is really great addition. Good work :+1: