Performance issues and crash


App dosent work for almost 30 minutes to 1 hour whenever uk or IS market opens.

Please improve the performance of the app as i have been loosing quite a lot of money due this issues.

Can T212 provide further updates on whats going on and what action they are going to take to resolve this issue?

You can send additional details , what platform(web/ios/android), if issue with orders - what ticker and what kind of orders, what kind of exact issue? Ie Order keeps processing etc…

Help @Team212 help you faster…

Same here. RDSB on my Samsung Android. Message says blocked due to pending orders. Is this just 212 not being able to cope with demand?

Hey Verdan,

It was for ISA account. Stock purchase… app crashes every time when market opens up… it delays the order for 5 to 10
Minutes and always makes purchases at higher price.

Iphone-9 … used app.