Improve performance on mobile

It would be really nice to see some updates to improve performance on mobiles. I don’t have a particularly powerful phone (Moto g60), but it behaves well enough in most other apps.

The T212 mobile app though feels really laggy, especially around busy times (just after US market open it’s barely usable). It can take over a minute at times to click though to a stock, press the buy button, set the amount, review the order, then confirm it. Just testing now (2pm NY time) it takes 40 seconds to go from my investments page to the ‘Review order’ button being clickable.

The same exercise on my desktop/laptop takes under 10 seconds.

Even just some options to disable/change some things on the mobile app could help. Like how often it updates price, disabling charts or news etc.


mine too is moto…i had raised this issue… but didnt get any thing positive… after latest update mine is extreme slow

I have a Huawei p30 lite, I don’t think the model (hardware) is the issue. My app is very, very laggy too. Takes ages to load/refresh. Improvements here would go a long way to enhance user experience.

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any response from @Team212

That doesn’t sound right and you shouldn’t experience any difficulties with the app’s responsiveness.

I’d suggest reinstalling it, and if the troubles continue, send me a DM so we can investigate the situation further.

hi @Bogi.H i hav did that twice but still there is problem… before the update it was good

The app is super snappy on iPhone 12. Could be an Android only issue.

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@Cheiro, I’ll DM you immediately to investigate the situation further :man_detective:

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yes looks like… after update it asking fingerprint twice

Been having performance issues for longer than a year now (or even longer than 2) :frowning:

Even on flagship Android devices.

Deleting app cache/data, reinstalling, etc, doesn’t seem to change anything.

Frame-rate is extremely low, taps are often ignored and sometimes later “stacked” to a (wrong) long-press.

@Bogi.H I’ve been experiencing this for quite some time on a range of different Android devices across different Android versions, so I’d tend to exclude it’s an issue with devices or how the app is installed.

I’d be curious to know whether you guys can confirm you systematically experience this as well. If so, I’m 100% okay with it and won’t bother you further, leaving to your team the job to prioritise fixing this with the priority you deem appropriate.

If however you don’t see these issues, please let me know how I can help to debug this :slight_smile:

Edit: tracking my review on Play Store, I think the app started having performance issues towards end of 2022/January 2023.

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yes mine is same.situation

That sounds odd. Please check your inbox :mailbox_with_mail: