VHYL dividend pay


Can you help me with dividend calculation.

I have 4 stocks if VHYL and I received 1,1 € in dividend.

0,337664 USD per share.

By which currency ratio is calculated? Where can I find ratio which is used?

Thank you.

I believe for you it would be Dollar to Euro.
I worked this out by:
4 vhyl stocks x dividend payout ($0.337664) = $1.350656
$1.350656 converted to Euro = €1.11

I hope this answers your question,


Thanks for your assistance.

But is there a website institution by which you can check currency rate which was used? You have calculated ratio, correct? Or where did you find $1.350656 ?

I have also stocks in other countries and I need to know exact currency ratio for dividend payout.

I am sure there will be some tax deduction and I would like to knot full bruto which is payed and then compare to actual what I receive payed on my t212 account.
Canada, Swiss…ect

I need this for my tax report.
Thnx in advance for any help