Visual Glitch, account value 0

So, theres a visual glitch with the account graph, its a straight line down to 0, the funds and stocks are still invested but if you mouse over it goes to zero and when you take your mouse off it goes back to normal

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I do not know how to explain this so I will just send an link to an video I made that shows exactly what the problem is. 2021/02/19 - YouTube

its just a visual glitch, ive made a post too. hopefully they fix it soon

same… here

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It’s would be useful if you could all share your device, operating system and software verison


Same here, I’m sure it will be fixed soon.

Macbook Air 13 inch, early 2015
macOS Big Sur 11.2
Safari 14.0.3

WTF!!! why is there not an URGENT update from T212 they are currently showing ZERO value on accounts. This is visible on multiple PC’s with various OS and browsers.

Priority 1 issue here. Where is your community support team when you are telling your customer they have no money in their accounts according to the graphs.

Action 1 - Turn off graphs
Action 2 - Inform your community of the issue
Action 3 - Investigate / Resolve
Action 4 - Keep your customer updated.
Action 5 - Inform all when fixed and what the issue was.

This is basic customer services guys.

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no need to blow it out of proportion. a few users having graphical issues is hardly the platform falling apart.

most of us don’t have this glitch.

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I have it on web app but not ios app, at least the actual value doesn’t show £0, that would be fairly alarming

Same has happened to me, however each induvidual share is still visible to me. That being said I’ve read that other trading platforms have also ran into the same issue right now, where their accounts are saying “0.00” of their respected currency.

Probably because it’s working fine for most of us, and really does not affect trading whatsoever.

Hi there,
My investing / return graph is showing 0 euros, but the amounts are shown as they used to.
Should i be worried?

thanks a lot
@David @Team212


Please fix, you almost gave me a heart attack

I have split personalities. All of them had anxiety attacks

On the Android app, it’s fine.
On the Beta webSite, it’s the bug.

my specs

Yeah, this gave me a shock, I must say!

Same here showing 0 invest . Mac OS(using chrome) and android.

Same glitch here, Firefox on Ubuntu 20.10, fine on my phone