Visual Glitch, account value 0

It seems the issue has fixed itself for me and some others.

I was having the issue on a Windows 10 desktop. Safari and Edge, IOS was fine. A Friend was having the issue too.

But like I said in my opening post, I’m not too fussed. My holdings are fine it’s just a visual glitch and only when you mouse over it.

I’ve heard this is an issue relating to AWS itself, so if that’s true it’s out of 212s hands.

That doesn’t really make sense from a software point of view though. AWS shouldn’t be reading and modifying the codebase. AWS is used to provide scalable web apps in a secure manner by offering compute and database resources.


anyone else got this right now?

Check this topic.

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ty for this… oddly enough its fine now…

maybe something to do with the 21:00 markets closing?

I thought that was the CCIV chart :joy:

I can see it has been corrected now.

I said that as other brokers were having the issue too from what I found

Very concerning if AWS is behaving like that! I know their linux machines must run and compile the code, of course, but they certainly shouldn’t be altering it! Unless there is some bug in AWS no reading certain packages, libraries, functions within the codebase. Who knows, I’m only speculating.

Lol can’t wait for this merger to happen :moneybag:

It was a visual issue, but it was resolved a few moments after we saw your post. Thank you!