VMID (FTSE250) jumped 3 places in most invested on II

I think finally folks are coming to terms with people like myself screaming F the FTSE100 if you are going for UK etf go for FTSE250

I know interactive investor does not represent the “whole market” but keep in mind they manage over £45 Billion in assets. So I’d say fairly good representation.


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With you on this one, I’d definitely favour the Ftse 250 for a UK allocation or better still an investment trust. Think I’m right in saying VUKE is actually the Ftse 100 though and VMID’s the 250. Unfortunately, it looks like the latter has fallen although it’s not especially clear.

woops yes meant VMID, corrected now.
And yes it has actually risen 4 spots, the falling ones (only one except the ones dropped below top 10) have a minus.

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I am sorry, just being lazy. Which FTSE 250 ETF has lower fees; Vanguard, ishares, Invesco, HSBC or WisdomTree?

Vanguard is 0.1% so I’d be surprised if any of the others were cheaper.


According to JustETF, Vanguard does indeed have the lowest fees at 0.1% and the spread looks tighter than Invesco’s, the second cheapest at 0.12%. Vanguard also offers both accumulating and distributing versions.


Invesco and HSBC are 0.12%, so there’s not a lot in it at all.

Interestingly HL offer a saving of 0.05% on the HSBC, so if you were going to invest an absolute fortune it would be worth considering if it outweighed the HL fees.

According to JustETF, HSBC is 0.35%

According to HL it’s 0.12%. :thinking:

On FT, it is also 0.35%

Some other options: LCUK is the cheapest UK ETF at 0.04% but it tracks a slightly obscure index. The top 10’s stuffed with Ftse 100 firms, but I think I’m right in saying it also includes mid caps. LGUK is pretty similar coverage-wise although a shade more expensive at 0.05%.

PRUK, which tracks mid and small caps, is another cheap one at 0.05%.

That said, I never trust Amundi nor Lyxor ETFs although it’s hard to put my finger on exactly why.