VTI/VOO and AutoInvest

Hi there,

I’m new in T212 and I have some questions that I hope you can clarify:

1- I’m interested in investing in USA funds like VTI and VOO however, I understand these funds are not available on the EU, but my account was verified in the country I live (El Salvador) and I’d like to know if this will still apply to me.

2- I saw the AutoInvest option for the “Trading 212 Invest” accounts, but I’d like to know if this option is restricted to certain countries because I don’t see the options listed in the help articles. and if this is available for me could you please let me know how can I see these options.
UPDATE: I already joined the BETA and filled the form by the way.

3- The app is asking for my passport again as it’s already expired, I uploaded my national ID but it responded back that it needed to be the passport, the problem I currently have is the office where I need to renew the passport is currently closed (and it has been closed in the past 4 months) due to the COVID19. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to renew my passport and I don’t want to get suspended or anything related.

Thank you in advance, Greetings from El Salvador.

I can answer 2 for you, autoinvest is currently in beta (due to release this month) so you can either wait for release or sign up for beta access on the autoinvest beta sign up thread.

Unfortunately I don’t know on 1 or 3, someone from @Team212 should be able to help.

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As a side note for 1, there is the EU versions of the US ETFs available. I’d imagine T212 cannot offer (non-ucits) US ETFs to anyone as the company is EU based, but I am not 100% sure on that.

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Yes, I already put some money in the EU version of some ETFs but I couldn’t find one similar to VTI or VOO, nonetheless, when looking online I was able to find it on the list of T212 equities. (Screenshot attached)

VWRL is like vti (not quite the same though) and VUSA is like VOO (exactly the same) :+1:

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I believe those are leftover crumbs in DB, you cannot purchase US ETFs as retail investor in EU.

Using justetf.com to find similar match in EU.

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