Waiting for pie purchase for over a day

I have invested in my pie a bit over a day ago and everything got invested, however, one stock is still missing and pending now for over a day. The stock is: Bristol & West PRF

It has been at open market twice now where it could have purchased it but it somehow just doesn’t.

Is there something I am missing or should I just wait longer?

It has extremely low liquidity by the looks of it. There’s only been four trades of it today according to the London Stock Exchange, so it’s going to take a long time to find a seller to buy from, is this the first time you’ve tried to buy the stock?

Yeah would be the first time buying it

I think I’ll cancel it then and look for another stock haha

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Yeah not stock advice, but it is a difficult stock to hold for sure. It will always take a long time to buy, and one day once you’ve built up a large amount of it, it will be hard to sell back to the market unless liquidity improves. Usually best to stay away from extreme low liquify stocks like that in my opinion, especially due to the wider spreads