Help please. Stocks won't sell

So I have purchased stocks, and sold some. but for this one company they have been pending to sell now for 2 days. when will they actually sell?


What stock is this - have you checked the liquidity on the exchange?

I haven’t checked this, I’m very new to all this

it’s pineapple power corp. I know that they used to be suspended but then they started trading again

Seems to still be good?

Hey. :wave:

The execution of orders depends on the market conditions and the instrument’s liquidity. If the instrument has low liquidity, the execution might not be instant.

Pineapple Power Corporation PLC (PNPL) is a small market cap company. Usually, such stocks are less liquid, and it might take some time until your order is filled.

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thank you for this explanation, that makes perfect sense now. I shall be patient.

Right source but look at the trade recap section

On average there are only 50 matching trades a day.