Warning: don't use pies to manage your portfolio

I have a pie with 3 stocks(NIO, BYD, JD). Tried to liquidate it yesterday for almost an hour without success. No single cent was sold.

I planned to buy more GME with the funds but no chance.

This is just a heads up that liquidating a pie can be blocked for various / unknown reasons. You have less control. Better keep your funds in a list.

The whole market was in turmoil yesterday. I was able to change out stocks and rebalance fine which, is 100% working and executing orders. If it takes time there’s a reason for it. Different markets open whilst others closed etc

The markets were open for all the 3 stocks…just saying is not working all the time. Pies are dangerous if you need to sell.

I’ve sold in and out of mine with no issues

Pies use market orders which almost always trigger in less than a few minutes. The more volatile the stock the harder for the pie to find a match. Same would happen if you sold the shares outside a pie.

Volatility in the markets is huge. I just noticed other brokers are also issuing warnings that orders can be executed slow or sometimes not at all.

The stocks from my pie were not volatile at all yesterday. The pie just didn’t process. I would say on the contrary. The tale is that I was unable to sell before the market closed so go figure!