Wealth Management software (alternative to Personal Capital)

For Non-US/Canada citizens & those who don’t own a bank account there, what’s the best alternative to Personal Capital that you can recommend for European residents?

PC is really awesome and completely free but unfortunately I reside in Germany and can’t use it. Are there any good wealth management softwares targeted at Europeans?


By coincidence I had look at it yesterday evening :grin:

Do you look for something in bank integration or just a way to input your investments/savings and have a broad view of everything?

Not just bank integration but sth that incorporates everything like PC does. Banks, Trading Accounts etc. :slight_smile:

For banking integration I have no clue… as N26 users it could be interesting.

I’m doing something on my spare time, but it won’t have initially any type of integration, just let you import some statements from T212 or Freetrade alike.

For banks and credit cards I’ve been using (Not sure if it’s in Germany):

It works well and provides some nice visuals. I’m not sure there are any that do bank and broker accounts. Probably because most Europeans don’t know what a stock is.

Trading 212 will need to implement some type of read authentication for this kind of service to work anyways.

Money dashboard you can manually enter figures for an account such as trade212 but it cant link automatically.

Oh but it frequently gets confused if you move money between accounts.

It includes transfers in spending so it can end up with bizarre outcomes if you have any automated money moving

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I’m not too worried. I actually don’t really want to mix my S&S ISA with my everyday finances. I have a google sheet that automatically gets the market value of my portfolio anyway. Nice charts and stuff also.

Oo how did you set up the Google sheet?

I used this:

credit to @kali

You will need to format some of the data that gets imported from the emails, but once you set it up you can just drag the formulas down. This is because the numbers get imported as text.

I’ll setup an example sheet and share it here shortly.

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Awesome thanks for that ^^

The transactions sheet is where the imports happen. Follow the previous post to get that working.

The example is my first few transactions on T212.

I’ve commented on what the formulas are doing in the Conversions sheet. In my sheet I’ve also created an overview, which has all the graphs and other info. But I’d rather not share this as it’s my actual numbers.

Everytime you import your transactions, you will need to also drag down the formulas to get the new formatted data.

great… looking forward to it :slight_smile:

I use Numbrs for this… pretty cool.

thanks so much for sharing this… I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

I’m doing a trick like this… but it will be for iOS/Mac first.

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