Web: Allow sleecting the ISIN number

Basically all in the title.
I’d like to get the basic info (yearly cost, fund size, etc.) of an instrument.
I’d either copy-paste the ISIN to my favorite site or right-click and Google it (when using Chrome.
Except I can’t:

Fields of this instrument are not selectable.
Please make this small change to make our life easier. Thank you.

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download this extension for chrome:

restart browser and you can then highlight the ISIN text and copy it

update: this seems to break the search functionality, so just enable it when you want to copy then disable it again if you want to do any searching.

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I second this, and not only for ISIN but in a lot of places in web app.

blood shoots of my ears when people prevent basic actions for what they think is fancy right click overrides.

… on the other hand they said there’ll be a complete web app overhaul deployed with the pies at the end of this (august 2020) month, so lets see.