WeBull users question

Since there is no “general chat” category I’ve decided to post my question here. Since WeBull stopped supporting UK data what other app are you using instead?

P. S. @Team212 maybe it would be good idea to create such category as general chat or however you gona name in here.


You mean something like Trading 212 chat category?

Not entirely but sth similar couse my q has nothing to do with T212 and its content its more like general q about investing

its only called T212 chat because its a chat for the T212 community, not about T212 xD though it does say about T212 stuff, you are basically free to just talk shop too.

So category description is slightly inaccurate

But that’s not the point why I create topic, so once again you guys who have been using WeBull what app or website you are using now?

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I’m using Google Sheets nowadays, pulling in data using a combination of Google Finance and the @FinKi API. More details about the latter here: finki.io.

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I’m piece of sheet when it comes to Google Sheets. I’ve heard that many people use it but I’m struggling to input data and force it to show me what I want/need. That’s mainly why I’m looking for similar app to WeBull

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What functionality or what data exactly are you looking for? @Ashige What did WeBull do for you that you are struggling to replicate elsewhere?

I probably can replace everything what was in there but I’m lack of skill to build my own spreadsheet to look nice and serve me well. If I won’t find any app similar to WeBull I’ll just have to educate myself in developing my own portfolio tracker

Agreed. Best solution.

Learn. Build it yourself. For free

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So did WeBull suddenly stop providing any data on UK stocks? Was it dividend tracking they provided? Prices? Both?

On 30.04 they stopped showing market data for LSE but they still provide data for US stocks

Yes, but what data did they provide that you personally used them for?

Dividend tracking? Stock prices? Both ? I ask as I could probably replicate what they provided you.

Price and dividend tracking, earning dates, financial data ( roe, roa, EPS historical current and estimates, debt to assets) I will try to replicate it somehow but need some more knowledge about spreadsheets

You can do most of that already with the FinKi API. Seems daunting. Isn’t. Works with G Sheets and Excel.

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I use WeBull as well to track all my portfolios across brokers.
My problem was for french stocks as I have a few of these, and they stopped supporting them a whiiile ago. I didn’t find any app that’s similar to WeBull’s information rich content.
So in the end I did build an excel, but it sucks compared to a real app that you don’t have to manage, and which has tons more info in a way better layout. Finki api is one of the great ways to make it better, although it still can’t come close.

I have tens of stocks, I check out some new ones often, I look at company financials, news, charts, etc. I agree, WeBull was great for their interface and data ! I just wish T212 would be the same, or WeBull would come to europe soon !

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