Interactive Investor feeling the competition?

Making changes to their pricing;

"We’re writing to let you know that from 1 September 2022 , we are making some changes to our pricing.

In Investor and Pension Builder plans, and for customers who are Friends and Family members, the charge for UK and US trades will reduce from £7.99 to £5.99.

Customers in ii’s Investor service plan will continue to get their first trade free each month. Customers in ii’s Super Investor plan will continue to get their first two free trades each month. From 1 September the expiry date on these free monthly trades will move from 90 days to 31 days.

For customers on Super Investor service plan, we are reducing the cost of non-US international shares from £9.99 to £5.99 per trade. UK and US trade costs will remain £3.99.

Free monthly regular investing across all of ii’s plans remains unchanged for funds, ETFs, investment trusts and popular UK shares and ii continues to not charge any exit fees.

You can find more information about the upcoming pricing changes on our [website]: Our Trading Charges - interactive investor"

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Still god awful pricing to be honest


Yep. Absolutely horrendous. I tend to reserve trading until their ‘free trade’ weeks, where they remove charges for those days.

R.I.s are also free so they’re good to take advantage of.

They need to get a lot better than that! Only thing worth considering is access to great markets in Canada and Australia.

I really really miss that with t212

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