What are your plans for the new tax year?

The core of my portfolio’s in passive trackers and SMT, so my plan’s to add some more active satellites (frontrunners in brackets below) to provide exposure to different assets and sectors.

In a new Isa, I’m going to focus on commodities (BRWM), debt (NCYF) and property / infrastructure (TRY, 3IN, TRIG) which should provide a steady income to reinvest.

And, in my Sipp, I’m going to add sectors such as global income (JGGI), flexible investment (RCP), private equity (HVPE), small caps (NAS) and emerging markets (JMG).

What are your plans for 2022-23? What parameters/rules have you set yourself?

  1. Continue with my 80-90% in global equity trackers.
  2. Increase the amount I save to build a regular income portfolio - UKW, ULVR, MNG, FSFL
  3. Continue flipping holdings between Investment Trusts and Mutual Funds, based on the discount/premium of the Investment Trust. To avoid being out of the market, I use ETFs such as VWRP and HMWO, and their equivalent Mutual Funds LifeStrategy 100% and HSBC MSCI All World C Acc when I switch on the other platform. I’ve only done this a few times in the past year, but add about 5% to my holdings each time. I basically buy ITs at a >3% discount, and then sell/buy the mutual fund when the discount/premium of the Investment Trust has increased 5%+ to cover trading costs.
  4. Look for an alternative to LifeStrategy 100%, as ideally I want a 1000/1200 dealing point.

Continue with Plan A. Invest in my global weighted equity portfolio of index tracking ETFs.

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Just keep buying. I’ve got next year’s deposit sorted, but I’m going to stick it in over the 12 months rather then at once.