What companies specialize in cobalt mining

What companies specialize in cobalt mining that are available on trading 212?

No idea but Microsoft copilot says:

Here are some of the top companies that specialise in cobalt mining:

  1. Norilsk Nickel - Average Annual Revenue: $400 billion1
  2. Glencore plc - Average Annual Revenue: $200.6 billion1
  3. Vale S.A. - Average Annual Revenue: $47.8 billion1
  4. CMOC Group Limited - Average Annual Revenue: $21.3 billion1
  5. Eurasian Resources Group - Average Annual Revenue: $7.4 billion1
  6. Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co., Ltd1
  7. Wheaton Precious Metals Corp1
  8. Jinchuan Group International Resources Co. Ltd

Please note that most of the world’s cobalt supply is derived from nickel and copper ores, where cobalt is present in trace amounts. Cobalt is recovered during the extraction and refining of these primary metals21. Significant developments in the copper sector directly impact the cobalt supply chain21.

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For my general mining including EV & Renewable play,… i own BHP, Glencore, Anglo and Rio.

Whatever riches that are buried underneath the surfaces, am confident that at least one of these names will be at the front and get my share :crystal_ball: