What % do you have in cash / What % is fully invested in the market right now?

Hi Guys - I’m really keen to understand the sentiment of investors on 212 ATM. I pretty much live in a bubble when it comes to investing, not many people I know do what do, so I’m interested to know…

What percentage of your portfolio are you holding in cash (maybe waiting for the crash) or are you 100% invested right now (bullish AF)?

Disclosure: I am 100%.

100% in right now, each month with a deposit tends to take a few days/weeks to get back up to 100% in whilst I line up investments.

Currently a 10/90 split between CFD and Invest

Feel free to mock, I’m good with that :man_shrugging:t2:

Edit: When I refer to 100% invested. I mean 100% of my investment fund, not 100% of my net worth, replying to the below.

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Hi mate,

I got 55% of my cash invested hence here my portfolio and in my bank the rest.
I will not put 100% of my cash into investment which I believe we need to have a backup (security fund) to live on on extreme changes in life.

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I’m 100% net worth plus a couple of maxed out credit cards into Tesla puts.

Is this a joke?
I don’t think it is sensible to ever invest maxing out net worth and liabilities. Especially not putting it all on one stock. Even worse when that stock has outpaced shorts many times.
I think it will come down, but maybe not in the time-frame that you are expecting.

Brave man! I love it hope it works out!

I sold my family into labor so I can buy TSLA at all time high, 400B valuation , easy peasy. :trolleybus:


Wow your brave haha good luck

100% all in 3 pies 1 being an ark investment pie which is going very well…

I wouldn’t sit and hold cash right now get into tech ASAP before the crash my belief is the Tech companies have gone so far even after the crash they will still be expensive

I am now around 70%. Well loosely speaking I don’t think my “uninvested cash” as “cash for later investing” since I just park spare cash into my savings account. So technically I am 100% invested.

100% portfolio is invested with a weekly top up.

Anyone waiting for a crash is gonna regret it.

Time in the market always wins!

Of course that is only my investment money. I do have separate money sat in savings accounts and premium bonds for a house deposit that I’m not risking in stocks (ironically it would have grown by 20%+ by now but hindsight…).

So how is that 100% invested. :thinking:

10% (Emergency Fund in Cash)
No mortgage (House ownership not a priority for now)
Monthly Savings Rate: 55%-60%

Yes it was a joke :laughing:
But judging by what’s happened since I wrote it I wish it wasn’t.

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100% portfolio is invested

100% invested! (all in Nikola)

I am around 50% in. Not waiting for the crash. Looking for good stocks to buy, but honestly ccurrently I am not investing a lot of time into research.

Total wealth view across all asset classes (at 35):
35% Home Equity (Mortgage free)
30% Pension (Fully Invested)
20% Individual Stock market Investments (ISA and GIA - Fully Invested)
10% Premium bonds (kept aside for house move this year)
5% Cash @ 1% interest rate
~£500 in Bitcoin (£250 invested)
Savings rate: 75%

My logic over last 7 years was to treat the mortgage over payments as a form of saving to move house and pay additional contributions into the SIPP for the tax reclaim. Obviously with hindsight I would be better off if I had invested the mortgage over payments in stocks but I reckon because I needed that money this year I would probably have panic sold in March and lost a load of money.

As soon as my monthly deposit goes into T212 I buy stocks. I don’t have any cash in my T212 account. I’d much rather have time in the market than try to time a crash. I wouldn’t say I’m bullish AF but with a 30 year time horizon cash is the worst place to have capital.

full cash :grinning: