What happens after it ends?

When the frenzy is over, a lot of people will end having many massively overpriced shares in companies that very small chance of profit. Even if the companies sell shares and get a lot of extra cash, their business model is mostly non-viable.
What will happen to to those shares in the future?

Can someone with the knowledge enlighten me please.

They will drop back down to where they were pre-covid. This tulip craze will help them reduce their debts like AMC has and cover the rest of covid but otherwise it’s a declining retailer. People buying for $300 can expect it to drop down to $10-15 once the rest of the people sell off and then once the company gets into debt again expect $4-8. Either they sell on the way down or they regret it more.

Expect a huge decline after the next earnings report in March

But to sell, even at a loss, you will need a buyer.

So lots of people will carry huge unrealized losses!

Once short seller squeeze and hype men late to the party have dried up they will still find buyers at $10, or they don’t sell but the price in the app will still show $10

So the question now, when to start shorting, again :thinking: ?

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They will start building an online store like Steam but much better and overtake Steam in popularity eventually and their stock will be priced in the thousands…in an alternate universe

Not sure GME will ever see $10-$15 not when you have millions of people willing to hold at a significant loss in the name of “sticking it to the man” but hey who knows.

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Request a share certificate from GME?!

Frame it and then tell a story that when the hedge funds were broken and the selling regulations changed, you managed to make millions on a worthless stock and then lost it all but were part of one of the biggest movements in the world.

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Still confident of that? :stuck_out_tongue: could hit it by this time next week at this rate

Should have shorted it at 500 … however I honestly thought it would hit 1k … then crumble to its death

You couldn’t have shorted it on T212 anyway. I’ve been sitting here the past few days watching GME go down and dreaming of all the gains I missed out on.

Agreed but my other broker does!

sue them you can prove that you would’ve shorted at $483 and put al the short cash proceeds directly into GME puts :joy::joy:

The margin on IB was $1200 to short a share of GME.

Oh man that would be amazing.

The ability to claim for the opportunity cost of a missed opportunity would be legit!

LOOOOOL I was waiting for this reply!!, we’re still far off $10-$15 :sweat_smile:

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Feel sorry for the guys that literally have no idea what they are doing and are sitting on huge losses thinking it will go up.

There was a really informative post on wallstreetbets about mental health and trading/investing. Probably something that all traders could do with experience in.

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Where can you short GME?

There is a guy who is half a million in loss and still holding till the bitter end.


Here’s a great fact. AMC is actually a company with potential as not only this is number 1 theatre in US but it also own ODEON in UK.

Odeon Cinemas Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of AMC Theatres, which is owned by the Wanda Group. The company has three main subsidiaries, Nordic Cinema Group, United Cinemas International, and Odeon Cinemas .