How does this happen?

Can someone explain to me how you get these massive drops then they just miraculously rebound?

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because the big wigs are trying to shake people out and the people are buying up and locking their shares so they can’t be shorted :slight_smile: its a great time

Have a read


Lets see if it multiplies again. :slight_smile:


Have you read this?? this is a golden goose opportunity to hit them back where it hurts lol!/did-melvin-capital-just-get-a-bailout-20210125

How can you lock your share though? If the broker loans it out to be shorted? People could still just short it. Surely it just takes someone with a huge holding to dump and it’s game over?

Forgive the pun lol.

put a limit sell order and lock you share so it cannot be loaned out. This is where everyone working together and doing it makes for a really messy situation for the big wigs as they are then forced to buy their positions at crazy prices

People are going to get jail time for this, market manipulation :joy:

For UK investors I guess it is simple: Buy it in an ISA. :smiley:
It was discussed on here that ISA shares cannot be loaned.

This is insane. I’m out. :joy:

I have not bought it, it was just a comment.
As Phil would say, :eyes: :popcorn:.

@phildawson have you been following this :rocket:?

I think Etypsyno also explained it in a post earlier today. :smiley:

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Soon as my stops hit it drops, swear we live in a trap. Matrix is real.

for what lol its about time they lost

hold mate they momentum behind this is going to over 300 at least. talks of 4 figures but ill swing up until those prices so im collecting more on the way up and buying in cheaper on way down lol this is people sticking the fingers up to Wall Street


This is just gambling I cant deal with it, stresses me out. Little dabble but I’m not buying shares in this it’s worth nothing and people will get burned.

Tomorrow - GameStop in collaboration with Tesla will be creating their GS wagon or Musk tweets something and people go wild. This is so dumb.

when your able to hold the institutional players to ransom and force their hand for a payout its well worth the risk

this is them staging a ladder attack trying to get out of the mess :slight_smile:

What does that mean?

The short put ladder, or bull put ladder, is a unlimited profit, limited risk strategy in options trading that is employed when the options trader thinks that the underlying security will experience significant volatility in the near term

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I get you, would be cool if we could trade options/futures on here.