What have you bought recently?

What’s your bull case for MARK? :slight_smile:

Swing/Momentum: $PLTR $JMIA
Swing/BuyTheDip: $DDOG $BA IAG.L

Swing/BuyTheDip: $FSLY
Swing/COVID: $BNTX (Re-entry)

LongTerm: $TSLA $AMZN $AMD

Watch: $BABA

Wouldn’t bother with TOTA mate. Mine is a small position and fully expect it to be one of the less impressive SPACs - very small position to start so I can add once it inevitably dips.

They are merging with Clene Nanomedicine, who specialise in treating neurological diseases. My missus has MS, so this is a purely supportive play - nothing big expected from them.

PLTR I’m annoyed I didn’t get in sooner. When it dipped to 9 I earmarked it, but completely lost track of it after that.

SOLO is a personal lesson in patience. They were in my LT folio for 6 mths and did nothing so as soon as they broke even last month I cut loose… had I held I’d be over 200% up. Them’s the breaks and another lesson learned.


Would you mind sharing the :airplane: Pie? :wink:

Palantir is still controversial for their CIA style of work. Better stay away in my opinion.


Of course. I have given heavier weight to companies who fly domestic as I feel they will start operating sooner. Boeing has a heavy weight just due to the fact that it’s America’s sweetheart and too big to fail. Cruise lines then have a moderate percent as I feel they will bounce back quicker than airlines financially just from what I’ve read online.

Not too much real DD gone into it however.

I am going in now as it seems things can move rather quickly ! Plus I don’t really care how the price moves because I’m going long on these, very long …

Thanks, I’ve also added Fraport! :+1:

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Oh agreed, I was only there for the swing on launch. It turned out a real dud on the day. Got added so close the end of the day, it lost all momentum and hype around it. Then there was a sell off concern, the average price internally was about 5p. I’ve no intention of diving back in though. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been in and out of SOLO a few times along with IDEX and LCA.

KNDI I’ve been in once very quickly.

FUBO I didn’t think we had when I needed it

BTCE I’m on the fence whether or not to load up before the new FCA rules kick in.

Haven’t been in USA I also that’s a new one added to T212, I saw it on ST a month ago. Unrelated but at the time I remember playing UAMY.

TOTA is new to me.

And PINS and FVRR look solid.

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lol not necessarily bullish atm.

I’ve been in and out since T212 first got access back in May.

The whole thing is very scammy. Shing can’t be trusted and doesn’t act in the shareholders interest.

The social media is laughable and they are crap about releasing news and hype. Understandably a lot of deals were NDA but they didn’t help the SP at all.

It’s all very pump and dumpy.

I should probably do more DD on it. I can’t recommend diving in. If it was back when it was over sold under a dollar I’d say it’s worth a play, atm it’s flip a coin where it goes next. It’s under the average so hopefully up next.

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I agree that UK stock is currently severely undervalued. The US technolgy stock is already at long time high, higher than the pre COVID-19 so no more significant gain to have here.

Alternatively is the new comers in IPO and China emerging market.

Thanks to myself for picking today’s biggest gainer, grab the big bags everyone…

Out of all those swings now @phildawson - did well;

KNDI - 30%
FUBO - 60%
PLTR - 110%
SOLO - 30%

SOLO and KNDI were smaller plays though so not much to write home about.

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