What have you bought recently?

Interesting times for markets indeed! What have you bought recently?

Recently only Beyond Meat


Tried to buy KAT without success.

So gold, lithium, and I can’t seem to keep away from MARK.

TSLA of course. 2 DA :full_moon_with_face:


Been long in StoneCo, UpWork and Tesla, bought more of these stocks this week.

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LOW/BABA on recent slumps, small but steady.


Thanks guys. I haven’t got any of those lithium, gold copper stocks - useful tips.

Airline mostly ! They day this thing is over, airports are going to explode ! If Airline prices are like that today with no one flying, imagine in 6 month/1 year. I also brought Nvidia, Ted Baker, national express, Metro bank, Wells Fargo, Ricardo, Card Factory, go ahead, RPS group and a few more ! Now I let it cook for a while.


Good ones. I have bought some IAG, BTCE, created a 5G pie including nvidia, Qualcomm, skyworks, Nokia adr and verizon. And vaccine pie (AZN/ moderna/Pfizer/Biontech) Thanks for introducing some new stocks to me. I haven’t heard of upwork - clever thing to do as unemployment goes up in US!

Key lithium I’m watching is the PLL, LAC and LTHM.

KOD is lithium and gold. High risk, high reward. Low liquidity and fun with a Mali coup. I think we’ll possibly see another spike before Xmas. (If you are looking at T212 charts they are wrong because of the shit Bloomberg data feed). Got to be prepared to hold 3m+ or the spread will bite you exiting.

KEFI is gold and copper, I have set as the next GGP, issues with the Ethiopian side project with a civil war and people being macheted in the north atm. Hoping it’s back in the 2s going into the new year (~40 days time!)

MARK is a covid play, bit of dodgy pump and dump penny stock. I’ve won a bit, been burnt a bit. Now holding 1.08, but ready if it goes lower :palms_up_together:

Yes, I am just adamant on buying what the Covid broke and see a return whenever that comes along. Though I made a few mistakes including with Cinemas 4 months ago not thinking they would close … I fear vaccine shares personally because they’re acting strange in my opinion … But good luck to you

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Thanks @Damiansasha. As far as vaccines concerned, every country has to choose some of those vaccines - once AZN vaccine concludes their phase 3, it would be required all over the world. Watch the space. In UK, already we have ordered Pfizer stuff to start vaccination in December. I am feeling optimistic but let’s see what happens.

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Draft Kings is looking like it has nice potential so I added to my position

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You are correct ! If I had the strength not to look at my share until all this is over I would … But I can’t ! Patience but ultimately once this is getting on track and things will get back to “normal” shares will follow and we will be laughing :wink:


  • JD
  • FVRR
  • PINS
  • TOTA
  • USA
  • BTCE


  • SOLO
  • PLTR
  • FUBO
  • KNDI
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Maybe I’m a bit boring but aside from adding to my diversified portfolio, I tried taking partial advantage of the merger arbitrage opportunity presented by Unilever.

Unilever NV shares will be exchanged 1:1 with PLC shares, a discrepancy in prices provides the building block of this arbitrage, but since you can’t short on invest (and with the shorted money from plc buy NV shares) I can only take partial advantage of this opportunity.

Data on discrepancies:
regular PLC: €50.18 while NV: €49.66 at time of writing so after close for London and Amsterdam exchanges.

The ADRs also show this discrepancy
(spreads aren’t more than 1 or two cents in all cases so don’t destroy the opportunity)

Alibaba (BABA)
Dropbox (DBX)
Docusign (DOCU)

Joey watchlist :eyes:

I should have stuck with that PLTR around 10. It was a bloody frustrating start tbh, put me right off it.

I took about thirty quid loss on it at the time.

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Just group.

Morses club.

FTSE is where it’s at. Big gains to be had. Invest in UK stocks stop picking overpriced American ‘garbage’ as they would say. Also know you’re doing your part for the UK economy :blush:


I still think it’s a bit early for airlines. I’ve an airline pie lined up and ready to go but I think it’ll be a few months yet before I buy.

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