What a bloodbath today

Question clearly we are in the middle of one of the biggest bloodbaths since March most of my portfolio are all tech companies Tesla apple etc do I buy in this dip or hold an wait…?


Do both?

Cat can bounce a lot before it flatlines.

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Keep on buying

Keep on buying

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There is a reason you bought the stocks in the first place, right? If you still believe in those companies, there’s no reason not to buy on the down days. That’s if youre in for the long-term.


Bloodbath’s about right, it’s been long overdue.


Whoever was looking out for me when I finally decided to sell everything and go 95% cash Friday/Monday - I thank you dearly.


Everythings on sale. Buy the dip.


Talk about jinxing. Tweeted last night.


Thanks guys I’m buying a little but holding cash too just in case tomorrow/next week is even worse

Lol at this being in the “Help” section.


I thought the same :joy:

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What bloodbath ? Oh I see you talk about tech stocks… Heheh

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What stocks do you own? If they are the big well known companies like Microsoft etc., you’ll be fine. Just buy more as they go down. If there’s another huge crash you’ll be glad you kept buying once we emerge on the other side.

Look at Amazon during the depth of the pandemic crash in March. Wouldn’t you like to buy some at that price?


Wouldn’t call this a bloodbath quite yet. Let’s see how long it drags on for.

Not the worst since March either. I’m not going to forget anytime soon the 4-5 week period not that long ago that took my account from 25% gains to 4%…!

Now THAT, my friend, was a bloodbath…! :neutral_face:


I can’t handle a few weeks of constant red. I’m just going to assume that the worse is behind us from the drop from COVID. It’s not going to cause a second drop as bad.

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It’s amazing how trump puts out a tweet about how well the stock markets doing then the very next day everything sells off and I put it in the help section because that’s what I’m asking for ,help and advice on, do I hold or buy more.

Am I nuts or is that not a help question?:joy::rofl::thinking::joy:

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it’s cool though don’t worry about it. bit of entertainment.


Dow drops over 800 points as Apple leads tech selloff: https://on.mktw.net/3bldErV

Apple is in bits. Tesla is in ribbons. Microsoft is screwed.

Tupperware seems to be doing pretty good :+1:t2:

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55.8% up in a month wow.

Go tupper🤗